Discover the latest news and updates about DocuChat.

Changelog - v3.1.0

7/13/2024 — Google Drive integration and various bug fixes.

Changelog - v3.0.5

4/25/2024 — Admin notes, dark mode color, custom CSS, and more.

Introducing DocuChat 3.0

4/7/2024 — Reimagined UI/UX, dark mode, enhanced chat widgets, customizable AI, and powerful analytics.

Getting Started with DocuChat

4/6/2024 — Your guide to creating your first chatbot with DocuChat and exploring its features.

Changelog - v2.6.2

1/22/2024 — Quality of life improvements, better widget, and faster processing.

Changelog - v2.6.1

1/8/2024 — Reranking and bug fixes.

Product Manifesto

12/25/2023 — Discover what this product is all about and what makes it tick. This manifesto is our handshake—an honest, straightforward conversation about the purpose and promise of DocuChat.

Changelog - v2.6.0

12/25/2023 — Hybrid search, improved chat widget, better web scraper, and more.

Changelog - v2.5.9

12/12/2023 — Analytics, chat widget, better web page crawler and language Consistency.

Changelog - v2.5.8

11/14/2023 — Upgrade to the latest OpenAI models.

Changelog - v2.5.5

11/8/2023 — Custom AI instructions, answer feedback, suggested questions, and more.

Changelog - v2.5.1

10/25/2023 — Better answers, context awareness, copy actions, and billing portal.

Changelog - v2.5.0

10/18/2023 — Quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Changelog - v2.4.6

9/27/2023 — Markdown support, community chatbots, source formatting, and more.

Changelog - v2.4.6

9/27/2023 — New document types, social media previews, and more.

DocuChat v2 is out of beta!

9/11/2023 — With the release of v2.3.5, we are officially out of v2 beta!

Changelog - v2.3.0

9/1/2023 — New document types, faster chat response times, and better document processing.