DocuChat v2 is out of beta!

With the release of v2.3.5, we are officially out of v2 beta!

Last edited: 9/11/2023
We're thrilled to announce that v2 is now out of beta and has been officially released! This is a major milestone for us and we couldn't have done it without your support and feedback. Thank you!
  • For our v1 users, you can still access the legacy version at
  • For our v2 beta users, you've been automatically migrated to the stable version. Don't worry, your beta share links will work the same as we've redirected them to this domain.

What's new in this release?

  • Better UI Layout - You now have Teams menu on the left to make things easier for admins to manage their teams.
  • Better Chat UI - We've made the chat UI more intuitive and easier to use. The input field is now fixed at the bottom of the screen. You can ask the bots to stop generating the answer at any time. You can also copy answers by clicking on the copy icon.
  • YouTube Videos - You can now add YouTube videos to your documents. Just paste the YouTube link and we'll automatically extract its transcription for you.
  • HelpBot - You'll find a chatbot in the Support menu that can help you with any issues you're having with DocuChat.
  • Bug Fixes - We've fixed a lot of bugs and improved the overall performance of DocuChat.