Changelog - v2.4.6

Markdown support, community chatbots, source formatting, and more.

Last edited: 9/27/2023
We believe in creating a tool that speaks for itself, powered and shaped by your support and feedback. So please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts and suggestions.

✨ New

  • Convert to Chatbot: Added a new Convert to Chatbot action to the documents page. This action will convert your document into a chatbot, allowing you to start conversing with your chatbot in a single click.
  • Markdown Support: You can now upload .md files as documents.
  • Community Chatbots: Community chatbots will now display on your Chatbots page as a tab.
  • Chatbot Question Limits: You can now set a limit to the number of questions a chatbot can be asked in a month. This is useful for chatbots that are meant to be made public.

🛠️ Improved

  • Better Answers: Slightly changed our prompt to provide better answers and less "I don't know" responses.
  • Source Formatting: Improved how the content of citations look in chatbot answers.
  • Copying Answers with Citations: When you copy an answer with citations, the citations will now be copied as well.
  • Faster Loading: We've made some improvements to the loading speed of the app.

🐛 Fixed

  • Mobile: Fixed an issue where the chatbot answers overflowed the screen on mobile devices.
  • Chatbot Avatars: Fixed an issue where the chatbot avatars were not being displayed.
  • Page Transition Effect: We've noticed some of you have been experiencing crashes during page transition effects. As much as we love creating a smooth UI experience for you, we've decided to remove the page transition effect to prioritize stability.
  • Fixed several other bugs and issues.