Changelog - v2.4.6

New document types, social media previews, and more.

Last edited: 9/27/2023
We believe in creating a tool that speaks for itself, powered and shaped by your support and feedback. So please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts and suggestions.

✨ New

  • CSV Loader: You can now upload .csv files as documents. Most platforms allow you to export your data as .csv files, so this is a great way to import your data into DocuChat.
  • Audio and Video Loaders: We've fixed the issues with our transcription service and have brought back audio and video uploads.
  • Open Graph Tags: Nevermind the fancy name, this just means that when you share a DocuChat link or a link to your chatbot on social media, the link will have a title, description, and image (so it looks nice).

🐛 Fixed

  • Team Member Invites: Fixed a bug preventing organization users invited via email from joining the organization.
  • Fixed several other bugs and issues.