Changelog - v2.5.5

Custom AI instructions, answer feedback, suggested questions, and more.

Last edited: 11/8/2023
We believe in creating a tool that speaks for itself, powered and shaped by your support and feedback. So please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts and suggestions.

✨ New

  • Custom AI Instructions: You can now add custom instructions to your chatbot. These instructions will be used to guide the AI of your chatbot in answering questions.
  • Answer Feedback: You can now provide feedback on chatbot answers by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down button at the bottom of chat messages. This will help us improve the quality of answers in your chatbot.
  • Suggested Questions: You can now add suggested questions to your chatbot. These questions will be displayed to your visitors when they open the chatbot, which can help them get started. You can add custom questions or we can auto-generate them for you.
  • Question Placeholder: You can now customize the placeholder text for the question input in your chatbot (default was "What is your question?").
  • Restart Conversation: Click on the restart button at the top of the chat to restart the conversation from the beginning.
  • Share Conversation: Click on the forward button at the top of the chat to share the whole conversation via email.
  • Team Member Status: You can now see in the Team page whether an invited member over email has joined your organization or not.

🛠️ Improved

  • Auto-scroll: Improved the auto-scroll in chat, which should now feel more natural.
  • Chat Message Sender Names: We deleted the names of the chat message senders to make the chat more compact.
  • Unavailable Chatbots: We will no longer display unavailable chatbots in our Community Chatbots page.
  • Chatbot Language Field: We have deleted the language selection for chatbots to simplify the chatbot creation process. That field had no effect on the actual language used by your chatbots and was only used to filter them in our Community Chatbots page.
  • Password Reset for Anonymous Users: Anonymous users can also ask for a password reset now. Their reset email will be sent to the email address they used to sign up.

🐛 Fixed

  • We now have an improved error handling system that will help us fix bugs even faster.
  • Fixed several other bugs and issues.