Changelog - v2.5.1

Better answers, context awareness, copy actions, and billing portal.

Last edited: 10/25/2023
We believe in creating a tool that speaks for itself, powered and shaped by your support and feedback. So please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts and suggestions.

✨ New

  • Better Answers: We've overhauled our prompt used to generate answers. The new prompt is more accurate and generates better answers.
  • Copy Actions: We moved copy message button to the bottom of chatbot messages. And you can now copy messages with or without sources, as you wish.
  • Billing Portal: You can now manage your billing and subscription via our billing portal. Simply click on the 'Manage Your Billing' button in the settings page to get started.

🛠️ Improved

  • Less I Don't Know Answers: The new prompt also generates less 'I don't know' answers. Even when documents do not contain a direct answer to a question, the chatbots will try to be useful by providing indirectly relevant points from the documents.
  • Context Awareness: The chatbots are now more aware of the context of your documents. They will have access to all the metadata of your documents, and will be able to use it to generate better answers.

🐛 Fixed

  • Fixed an error that caused the app to crash in chat and embed pages.
  • Fixed a post-checkout bug that caused the app to fail fetching user chatbots.